Elevate your style with our premium range of accessories, designed to enhance your sound, comfort, and style.

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      Guitar & Instrument Accessories

      Amplify your musical experience with Levy’s exquisite line of music accessories, meticulously crafted to complement your performance, aesthetics, and handling ease. Our premium range stands as a testament to enhancing not just the sound but the entire expressive scope of musicianship.

      About Our Accessories

      From wall hangers to adorn your space with your cherished instruments to sumptuous straps that marry comfort with fashion, each item in our collection serves a key role in the narrative of your music. We provide the tools to fine-tune your sound, offering everything from high-quality cables that preserve tonal purity to picks that complement your playing style. Beyond functionality, our accessories collection embodies a vibe, a way for musicians to visually and aurally express their unique character.

      Levy's understands that the nuances make the show, and each accessory we offer has been designed with the artist's journey in mind. This isn’t just about making music; it’s about creating an atmosphere, an image, and an identity in each strum, slide, and chord.

      Dive into the world of Levy's instrument accessories and find not just the support for your instrument, but the accentuation of your musical persona. Experience how the right embellishments to your gear can elevate your performance space, physically, and symbolically. With Levy’s, you don’t just play your music; you live your music.

      Craft Your Story with Levy’s Leathers

      Embark on a musical journey with Levy’s Leathers, your premier choice for quality guitar straps and musical instrument accessories since 1973. Uniting unparalleled comfort with distinctive fashion, our straps are more than accessories—they are the threads that connect generations of musicians and their stories. From the nostalgic melodies of a cherished family guitar to the bold strums of new learners and the electric vibes of grand stage performances, Levy’s crafts each strap to elevate every artist’s journey, no matter the stage in their musical adventure. Choosing Levy's means stepping into a rich legacy, aligning with legends, and etching your story into a rich tapestry of musical history, ensuring every chord resonates with tales of triumphs, adventures, and enduring journeys.

      Get started with Levy’s Guitar Hangers

      Ready to purchase your first or next guitar hanger? We’ve made it simple. Levy’s website has tools to help you narrow down your guitar strap choices based on your desired specs, such as the brand, price range, and much more. Select your preferred specs in our convenient product filter and explore your options!

      From Humble Beginnings
      To World-Renowned Straps

      An Unexpected Beginning

      Sometimes, life's most pivotal moments quietly sneak up on us. Take, for instance, Dennis Levy's decision back in 1973. Faced with the choice between cash and a set of leather-working tools as payment, Dennis chose the latter.

      The Birth of a passion

      Little did he know, this seemingly minor choice would ignite a passion for leatherwork in him. Inspired by his brother Harvey's musical journey, Dennis began crafting guitar straps just as Harvey was building a network of vendors with his guitar skills. It wasn't long before Dennis and his wife Cheryl poured their heart, soul, and savings into Levy’s Leathers Ltd.

      Dedication Beyond Moments

      But building one of the world's premier names in guitar straps isn't just about seizing the right moments. It's about unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. It's about a genuine commitment to elevating every musician's journey. It's about helping each artist embrace their unique style with Levy's fashion and comfort.

      More Than Just Straps

      Today, Levy's straps aren't just straps. They're stories. From the cherished chords of a grandfather's old acoustic to the eager strums of a novice's first lesson. From garage jam sessions to major stage debuts. With a Levy's strap, you're not just playing music. You're stepping into a legacy, standing shoulder to shoulder with legends, and carving out your own epic tale.

      Join The Legacy

      Join us in this journey. Craft your sound. Celebrate your legacy. With Levy's, play on the shoulders of giants, and alongside them.

      Our Leather

      The tanning of leather is an art much like winemaking, and as such, there are slight variations in color and texture from dye-lot to dye-lot, from hide to hide, and even from one section of a hide to another. Therefore, every leather item Levy’s manufactures is truly unique.


      Veg-tan carving leather is crafted by soaking raw hide in tannic acid baths of water and live oak bark. Over seven days, varying tannic acid levels create firmness for effortless embossing and carving.


      Top-Grain leather breaks down animal hide fibers using chemicals, a 24-hour process. Common for shoe uppers, it's pliable without cracking. Levy's employs it for budget-friendly entry-level straps.


      Garment leather is top-grain leather softened for mellowness, often thinner than regular chrome-tan. Levy's garment leather is drum-dyed for complete color saturation.


      Suede leather is achieved by removing the top grain of the hyde, followed by re-tanning, softening, and buffing the underlying piece to create the characteristic soft nap.


      Crazy Horse leather ages gracefully, developing a unique patina that deepens over time, enhancing its character and vintage charm.